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CoNAT is a control and management system for the NoCatAuth software (
It allows a NoCAT administrator to manage either the Gateway or Authserver of the NoCAT software. It also provides easy configuration of key control files.
If using a MySQL database it is possible to administer the nocat database through conat.
It also provides a way of forwarding NoCAT's status page (running internally on port 5280) to the web (This is typically stopped with a standard NoCAT install).
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Atleast NoCAT Auth Server or Gateway must be installed. As well as PHP.

The following links might be useful in helping setup nocat:

Please be aware that those wanting to use the software to start, stop and restart nocat may need to edit the file "/usr/local/conat/nocat.rc" to reflect the install paths of nocat.
This will only effect the start, stop and restart of nocat.

All further queries, etc will now be posted on the project log.

You may also find the document at the following link extremely useful if you are looking for information on Mobile IP technology

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