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Name:Kevin Martin
Date:Tuesday 27th of April 2004 02:53:56 PM
Please be aware that those wanting to use the software to start, stop and restart nocat may need to edit the file "/usr/local/conat/nocat.rc" to reflect the install paths of nocat.

This will only effect the start, stop and restart of nocat.

Name:Kevin Martin
Date:Tuesday 27th of April 2004 02:56:53 PM
The following should be known before install:

DocumentRoot of apache.
User name apache runs as.

Name:Kevin M
Date:Tuesday 27th of April 2004 02:58:35 PM
I have also been alerted that the get_posted() function may cause issues with sessions on newer versions of PHP (past 4.2.2???), as such removing the function, should help.

Name:Clive Austin
Date:Tuesday 27th of April 2004 10:54:04 PM
First of all thanks for contributing your efforts to the public domain - it takes guts! Well done.
Now, it looks as though CoNat assumes GW and AuthServ are on the same box with logging to file. How hard do you think it would be to configure CoNat to work with GW and AuthServ on different boxes with logging via syslog?

Name:Kevin Martin
Date:Tuesday 27th of April 2004 11:36:09 PM
OK, You should be able to specify in the settings path a URI to the location of the nocat.log and nocat.conf (should be in the same dir). As my understanding of linux goes (im from a windows background) you could possibly use the eqivelent of \\machine_name\writeable_dir_with_nocat_files.

Name:Kevin Martin
Date:Wednesday 22nd of September 2004 09:14:44 PM
This project is on temporary hold whilst I search for a new job.

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